The recording studio is a Logic Pro system with Apogee interfaces. I have a large collection of microphones for the input stage of vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, brass and strings and Yamaha NS10’s/PMC 1’s to listen back. Studio clients range from complete novices with an interest in recording themselves to professional artists working on albums, demo’s or voice-over. Logic allows me to record to a high standard of audio and to edit quickly and efficiently which of course saves time and gets the job done smoothly. I recently sent a track to the great Peter Asher who produced all James Taylors early albums. Peters studio credits are simply astonishing so I was more than happy when he complimented me on my own production.

I am currently working on an eight album project with my great friend Jeremy Clyde. The project is called The Bottom Drawer Sessions. Jeremy is a singer, songwriter, actor and film artist and is currently touring in the US. The first 5 albums are done and the 6th about to be released. I’m very proud of the work so far.