Guitar Lessons

For my guitar lessons, I teach acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar and bass. I have a fairly unconventional approach to teaching guitar because I believe that most people want to play for pleasure. So I tend to keep away from the exams and grades. A more interesting method is to focus on what the individual wants to learn. We all have our favourite music. So why not play that? I have taken people through all the exams, but they needed them to move onto music college where the grades are important. Most people like to play the guitar as a hobby; a pleasurable departure from school or work.

I offer half hour, hour and multiple hour lessons to all ages and ability levels. I help people looking for their first guitar and those wishing to upgrade an instrument. I also coach budding singer/songwriters and those who wish to move into recording. Five of my former pupils are highly successful professional musicians. I have many pupils who have been coming for more than ten years.

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